Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Another two swiss roll attempt

Wanted to make use of the whip cream that has stayed inside the
fridge for a long time, so made swiss roll since not ready to make
big cakes.

So far, it seems that swiss roll recipes mention that swiss roll is
made without butter. This is a simple recipe, 75g plain flour,
 75g sugar, 3 eggs, 1 tablespoon hot water. Suppose to beat
sugar and egg till ribbon stage, then fold in flour in two batches,
then mix in water.

Not sure if it is due to the reason of no fat, the swiss roll looks
coarse and  crumbly and taste dry. I remember my sister in law
told me that to hv a smooth cake, use optima flour.  Anyway i m
keen to test out other flour, so i made another one today
(pictured) using top flour. Texture wise is a little better ...

I think i better find more swiss roll recipes and try out.

As for the whipped cream, I think i did not whip enuf for it to be
pipe. (I test piping with the newly bought piping equipement.)
The flower i piped did not stay.

I also actually wanted to make chocolate whip cream. I did not
have blocked chocolate, so i use nestle chocolate chips. The
chocolate did not melt into watery state, but rather gluey. It also
solidify when mix into the cold whip cream. What a failure.

ok, so i must try more swiss roll recipes.


serena said...

hey, it doesn't look that bad! I like the look!!

sherlyn said...

hehe, thanks. I agree that it looks pretty decent, having nice "skin" (the cake's) color and no visible cracks, but the texture must improve, and must use buttercream next time so that I do not need to put into fridge.

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