Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Egg tart again

My friend has started her baking blog not too long ago. I also itchy hand started 
one today lor. Actually i start this for fun.
This blog will not only document my baking sessions and all, but also my crafts from other hobbies like beading, or anything that deals with my hobbies like photography (besides the above two)

My kids love egg tarts (so do I). Today is the 4th try. Previous 2 tries used cake flour, but i run out of that so i used top flour on 3rd try and found the crust crispy, and to my liking, so i continued with using top flour for the crust. Here are some pictures.

 The empty egg tart before bake, all hand moulded.

 Thats the final results. Sorry for the tart mould not being removed. Totally forgotten abt it cos rushing to get the pictures done so as to wake my kids. As for the egg there .. it is just for fun, hoping it will not be another boring picture of just an egg tart.

 Here's one taken indoor, without the sunlight, on my dining table.

Besides this, i also made ondeh ondeh. This is the 2nd try. The dough is as usual,  so sticky that i hv to wet my hand for every ball that i roll after putting in the gula. Anyway, they ended up in odd shapes and sizes, haha, but they are tasty to me.  This is one of my favorite snack anyway, just like the egg tart. So no wonder i m doing it often. However, the gula did not really melt thoroughly  inside the tapioca balls. Here are some pictures.

   nice orange color right?

Thanks to Priscilla for sharing with me this recipe. And for the egg tart recipe, i really cant remember where i downloaded it from. But i am certainly one who is not creative, modify the recipe etc. So I just follow directly from what is documented. Is it right for me to post the recipes here?

I learn alot from Happyhomebaking as well as priscilla. Thanks to them.

Will not be adding any links yet since i do not know how to do it.

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sweet-tooth said...

the egg tarts look so good!
so neat and nice, like it's store-bought!

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