Thursday, November 29, 2007

Chocolate Cheese Cake

Has been a long time since I last baked Here's what I hv to share

Got this recipe from Zu's kitchen. Thank to Zu for this tasty recipe.

I used a 8 by 8 square pan to make this cake. Made a mistake
when I beat the mixture A by adding in the egg and beat
all together instead of beating the cheese and sugar then add
egg. Not sure how it had affected the final product.  I expect the
mixture B is of a pouring consistency since the recipe says "pour"
the mixture into baking pan, but mine is not and that gets me
worry a little.


Anyway the final product is soft and tasty when I eat it while its
warm. As the cake has a cheese part, I decide to put it into the
fridge. However, the chocolate cake portion taste dry when I eat
after it has been fridged (ya I ate a total of 4 pieces liao).


hmm .. now i m thinking of having another piece.

Update on 30th nov. Saw from the comments of the original post
that I shd leave the cake in room temperature before serving cos
the cake harden in the fridge due to the butter content in the
chocolate cake.


Small Small Baker said...

The cheesecake looks great! I feel like baking one too. :)

sherlyn said...

Hi small small baker, its really very tasty. I hv to give some away cos i just keep eating, and I did not use low fat phil cheese! Even my cousin say the cheese part is tasty. But I hv to ask the "owner" how to store the cake, cos the sponge part is really dry in the fridge.

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