Monday, May 25, 2009

Mermaid necklace

Mermaid? Not me, but the name of a necklace that is found in a book I borrowed from the library long time back. My little girl fancies Ariel, so she asked for this necklace (actually a part of a three strand necklace) to be made for her. However, it is not easy to get the identical beads so I have to find similar ones from my "collections". After stringing it, I put it aside for a long time before I finally finish the clasp, because I can't decide how long should this necklace be, and I am not sure if it is suitable for a 5 year old. Anyway, after dragging for so long, I just decide to close it and complete the task. There is still another WIP item. Here's the necklace.


美人魚是我女兒喜歡的公主。好久以前, 她從圖書館借回來的書上看到這條項鏈(其實這只是一部份)的名字叫美人魚,就吵著要。我從我的“珠堆中”找了接近的珠子串了給她。真想不通,才五歲的小女孩,怎麼會那麼愛美。


Happy Homebaker said...

If I have girls, I would love to learn from you how to make these lovely necklaces! I am only good at making paper aeroplanes, haha!

sherlyn said...

I do not need to teach you cos the internet do show the basics. You are so smart, you sure able to pick up, after that you will be able to string for yourself pretty necklaces (even thou u do not have girls).
Now shd I pester you to teach me making paper aeroplanes? :-)

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