Friday, July 10, 2009

Bracelet and muffin

This bracelet is made for my girl quite sometime ago. Wasn't quite in the mood and busy and lazy to blog about it. Had too much thin jump rings, so hoping to find more "projects" to use them up.

More recently, I finally baked. To be exact, its on Tuesday night. I have bought all the dessicated coconut long time back, all ready for a 2nd attempt since the kids complained I bake too little during the first attempt. This time I tired using butter, but manual creaming. The muffin did not rise alot and still pretty firm. Perhaps I did not cream enough, hands tired.

Anyway, I still love it and ate quite a few. I just love the feeling of the muffin when I chew in my mouth. Its like eating the filling of the traditional coconut tart, just the whole mouthful of coconut taste. Yum!

Here's the miserable looking muffin.


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