Friday, August 22, 2008

Banana Cake (2nd try)

I think I am successful in the banana cake the first time round.
This time, I give it a go again and omit the wholemeal flour
since the family don't like it. I also did not use Del monte type
of banana.

I am expecting it to look and taste as good as the previous try
but ...... so dissappointed, the cake looks very wet or rather
moist? ( sure cooked since i bake it for more than an hr).
It is more wet at the bottom of the cake, which looks like
banana all sinked to the bottom.

Anyway, the rest of my family like it. Now I must go and
请教 the experts on why is it kind of wet.

Here's the banana cake from this round.


greenhoihoi said...

hi... i happened to like replacing plain flour with wholemeal flour... and i find my brownies are dryer and didn't rise.

apparently replacing whole wheat flour with plain flour... one has to add double. 1 cup of plain flour = 1/2 whole wheat. and vise versa.... [ ]

so try the maths and see if your banana cake works again...

sherlyn said...

Hi greenhoihoi,

Thanks for visiting and sharing with me this valuable tip. So I will have to replace a cup of plain flour for that half cup of wholemeal I omit. hmm .. now kids sick, will find time to try it out again.

Thanks again.


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