Thursday, December 20, 2007

Swiss roll

Am thinking abt making a log cake .. well maybe can't say its the
real one, but just a swiss roll covered in cream ? So I set to try out
making a swiss roll. Previously, I followed swiss roll recipes that
usually don't use butter, which is good, fat free. But the Phoon Huat
chocolate sponge cake mix is quite tasty, so i used that to make
the swiss roll.

I still hv balance of the bulla thicken cream that I used for the
Japanese cheese cake, so I whipped that up, mix it with chocolate
rice and fill the roll with that. Can anyone visiting tell me
whether the cream be eaten "uncooked"? I hope my family don't
get tummy ache from eating the cream cos I just assume it can.

Anyway, luckily for me, the roll did not crack. I hope I hv the 
time to make the log cake.  I m gog away to my in-laws in msia
on  sat and will be bak only after christmas and today is thursday.
Looks like I can only try making one after christmas.

Note : I think I may hv overbeaten the cream, cos it starts to
"solidify" (maybe not the right word to use) after the smooth
stage. But I quickly stop and start stirring with a spoon, hoping
the rough texture will go away and luckily, I can still use it to fill
my roll. Can anyone tell me what happens when creams are

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