Monday, December 3, 2007

Pita pizza

We made pizza for dinner, but we use pita bread for the base.
Not a very good base thou, maybe i did not heat it up long enough.
Its not crispy at the bottom. Also, maybe the mozz cheese is not
enough too .. but it is tasty no doubt.


kuangesther said...

Hi sherlyn

chance upon your blog this morning. saw all the "tries" u hv made on baking. really impressed me of yr "never say die" spirit. in fact, some of your bakes look good to me ;)

m also a novice in baking. recently, i baked muffins twice, n twice it was still a failure. but i told myself, no harm trying again. u may want to visit my blog to see my unsuccessful muffins at:

i hv another blog with blogger but i dun use it frequently.

keep on trying sherlyn. n so m i!


sherlyn said...

Hi Esther (you hv the same name as my best friend)

Thanks for dropping by my hobby blog.

I have briefly glance through your blog and am surprised. You are a singaporean ? Cos not alot of singaporean use chinese to blog. I am thinking of adding chinese into my blog for the sake of my msia relatives too.

I hv yet to finish looking at your blog. Me love reading blogs. You took alot of effort to beautify your photos. :-)

Thanks for your encouragement. I love baking, but I like to try different stuff, and a beginner like me do not get it right during the first try, so alot of failure lor.

Must muffins rise ? I din know that. I only see that cupcakes got flat top and dome top, so if the muffin taste right, i guess it doesn't matter if it doesn't rise ba. Anyway as long as the bakes are tasty, no one will "complain" it din rise.

Lets work hard together. :-)

Btw, I will be adding your blog into my blog list. I hope you don't mind.

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