Saturday, October 6, 2007

Another bake - spiral cheese scones

Since the kids don't like the butter bicsuit, i tried to do another type for them. Its ard midnight that i finish this spiral cheese scones from the baking book that my mother bought. It taste very good the last round i did it, but this time, after changing the type of cheese, it not only taste terrible and also looks terrible.

Instead of rubbing butter into flour by hand, this time i use a processor. Anyway the first time I don't think I achieved the "bread crumbs" look, and this time using processor, i also did not produce the "look".

Heres what it shd look like (thou the look of the first attempt did not come close to this as well)

Ok, here's how mine turned out (sorry for showing u the ugly product)

This new cheese make this scones a little too hard, and maybe the amount of time used to process the butter into bread crumbs also affects? Furthermore, the dough is similar to the first attempt, so soft even after chilling that i had problem cutting it. I used a thread to cut. Since the dough is soft, the shape is not there too. Also the cheese oozes out from the spiral, not too sure y .. was it the temperature too hot ? Maybe next time (ya will hv next time , cos this item is quite tasty) will try lower temperature and bake longer. The cheese also turn into a very ugly brown.

But I guess I will never be able to solve the "y did the cooked producs still sticks to the greased baking sheet. Oh, another thing, i chopped up my cheese
instead of buying the grated one. Maybe that affects the texture of the product too.

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