Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Another failed sponge

Even thou I did not have the paper cups, I thought no harm trying on a regular pan, so I used the recipe that suppose to produce the crystal jade paper cup shaped cake. It is straight forward, just flour, egg, sugar, sponge stabiliser beat till ribbon stage, mix in butter and bake.

I tried that once without stabiliser and it doesnt keep its "tall look" after out from oven. Advice given to me is to use that, else sure will collapse. Since i m not too keen to use that, i did not think abt the recipe till recently when my mother bought her tub of stabiliser after the PH demo. BUT it still din work out!

Ok, i made a mistake too, forgot the milk, but I don't think that is the cause. The ribbon stage (at least to me) is reached slightly after 5 mins. This surprised me, cos previously a sponge cake recipe took longer than that. I could hv fold the butter a little too long, but too bad lah, my "kung fu" not there yet. Infact, after long folding, i could still see streak of oil at the side of pan after pouring batter inside.

Look of the cake is dense and compact since it has collapsed. Taste wise is still ok, my kids say nice (very definitely cos of the strong egg taste). Texture is smooth too. *sigh* must try again.

Here are the pixs for record purpose.

 Cake not high, so stack the pieces higher to compensate lah haha.

  ok, just another presentation in "indoor" mode (mode of camera)

Besides the above, i tried coconut tarts too. The recipe is from the baking class that my mother took in CC. Its a total flop. I think i will never try it again till i dig another recipe from elsewhere. The crust is ok, cos it is from a biscuit recipe, but the coconut filling .. it isnt anywhere near those selling outside. With the amt of egg, the coconut never binds together. Imagine eating coconut tarts with biscuit crust and dessicated coconut as filling?


moshimoshi said...

hey what u are doing is great. a few more tries and u can start giving them away as gifts;)

sherlyn said...

Thanks Moshimoshi for the encouragement. I guess it will take really several more tries hehehe. Hows the sushi meal with mould coming?

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