Friday, April 2, 2010

Flower Pendant

Finally .. I can finally post, this time for my beading work.
Last week, I am thinking about motivating myself to touch my beads. Finally, I proposed to my friend who learnt beading recently, to challenge each other to make something weekly. She agreed to the proposal and we decided that we should do something with flowers since 清明節 is round the corner. Ha ha ha.

I usually do not do bead weaving, because it takes up alot of time if the pattern is complicated. This time round, I did bead weaving, because I came across this pair of earring. They look so pretty and they look like flower. I decided to copy this item (I am not creative, remember?). However, there are no instructions, or rather, no FREE instructions. So I spent 2 hrs yesterday afternoon trying to figure out how to thread the flower, draw up the pattern and tried to weave it. I tried 3 times (not nice result) but then I need to cook dinner, so I stopped.

The challenge is due today (Friday), and finally after half hour of weaving I got the flower done up.
I find it too big to be earring, so I am going to make it into a pendant. This is my result, but its only the motif because the jumprings I have are too small to be used to connect this pendant to the necklace. Perhaps I will make one myself.

How does it compare to the original? :-)

See my friend's end product here.

Before I decided on the above, my original plan is to do a pair of earring with a bead that has flower on it. I wanted to make use of a wiring techinque found in a library book that I am currently holding. However, the print on the bead doesn't seem like a flower, so even though I went ahead to try out the wiring technique, but I did not submit it for the "challenge". Here are parts of the earrings, one with wiring done over the bead, one without.
Which is nicer? Blue with silver or golden brown one ?
Look at the loop at the top of the bead, it is totally handmaded by me.

Ok, I am tired. It is 4.30 am now. Let's wait till the next challenge.


Our Unique Runway said...

It looks very much like the original. Great work! keke....

Btw, how u do that wiring work? Using which size wire? I love the golden one. Looks elegant.

Esther said...


sherlyn said...

耳環不是我做的。那個單一的“花” 才是。

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