Friday, November 30, 2007

Double chocolate muffin with yogurt

Tried this simple recipe shared by Zu here.

Easy to prepare but it sticks to my paper cup that I use with my
mini muffin pan. Almost 1/3 of the muffin is "wasted". Luckily
those in aluminium foil cup did not really stick. Must buy proper
muffin cup to see if it is still so sticky.

The muffin taste a little chewy. Not sure have i over stir the
batter or is it meant to be the way. But it is indeed tasty since it
is chocolate milk with cocoa powder. My girl ate 3 in a go and
another 2 for night snacks!

Here's the double chocolate muffin with yogurt.



serena said...

Alum muffin cup will not stick? Ah.. I learnt something new. Children are great tasters. If yixin takes 2 at one go, it shows your baking skills has improve by leaps and bounds!!

JY said...

You are getting better.. Practice makes perfect!


sherlyn said...

Hi hi,

Thanks for all the compliments. Not too sure of me getting better, cos the results of all my bakes varied all the time. :-) Furthermore, its only my gal who ate the chocolate muffin. However, my boy likes the banana cake that me and my mother made on saturday night. Will try that again cos this time round the cake is a little too sticky (when chew on). No pictures thou.

Baking Queen said...

Hi Sherlyn

I have just started baking few months ago. I came across your blog and was very impressed with the cakes you made, especially the spiral wheel cookies. It looks delicious. I am also in the midst of setting up my personal blog via blogspot. However, i faced some problems. I am not sure how to do index recipe just like what you did (on the right hand column which you segregate bread, cake, ...etc). I hope to learn from you.

sherlyn said...

Hi Baking Queen,

Hi thank you for visiting my blog and welcome to the baking world.

Thanks for your compliements but really, they are just normal. You will do better in no time.

As for that list, you can go to the layout section of your blog, click on "add a gadget", and there will be a whole list of stuff u can customise your blog with. I am not adventurous so I know limited stuff. This one I am using is "link list". There may be other gadget that can serve the same purpose in a better way. Have fun customising.

Let me know when you open your blog to public. I like to visit and link you up :)

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