Sunday, January 13, 2008

A not fanciful necklace

I hope I get to wear this more often, since it doesn't look fanciful.
I saw a lady wearing this design when I bring my kids to gym one
saturday and think the design is quite casual. Lets see if this
casual simple necklace will be put to use at all.

I am even tempted to make similar one with different color beads.


bbhome said...

what type of "string" do you use for your necklace ? stop for so long but want to make a new necklace for CNY. Forgot what to use.

sherlyn said...


I use fishing thread in this one. I hv two sizes, if you just want to make a few necklaces, i can spare you some. Show me your necklace for CNY okie. :-)

For other necklace that you want to "show" the thread, tiger tail is one option. (there may be others I am not aware of)

Let me know if you want the thread. I hv 0.25 and 0.35mm. I am aiming to go holland's bead shop next week. No promises thou.

bbhome said...

I see. I was thinking of using the metal string but expensive. maybe if I managed to meet up with you then can I have some of the string to try. Not sure if I get enough time to finish the necklace.

sherlyn said...

Ya those are a little pricey if compare to the fishing line, but if your design hv no beads to cover the thread, and wanted a choker kind of effect, then i guess the tiger tail can give you what you want.

I hv various wires and also tiger tail, if i do meet up with you, i will bring all for you to choose. CNY is abit near, but i think you are very good in time management, and am sure you can manage if you want to.

My boy has been down with fever for 3 days liao, so i must c how he is by monday. If he is fine, i can schedule to go holland on monday or tuesday so that you hv more time to work on your necklace.

Will sms u when i hv decided. Looking forward to your design.

bbhome said...

actually I have the tiger tail at home but really need you to tell me how to work on the necklace. Forgot all the techniques already. no hurry. Hope An gets well soon.

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