Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Orea Yogurt Cake with Chocolate Crumbles

So, did the chocolate crumble scare u? Ya, those are suppose
to be chocolate crumble, but I am not sure did I do it correctly.
It is so difficult to rub butter into flour to make crumbs like
texture, and since it is so wet, so I just add flour and add flour
and add flour till I see sandy, crumb like texture. Then I just
bake as required by the recipe and sprinkle them onto the
yogurt filling top and the sides (cos I have alot of them).

This is a Oreo yogurt cake, made from following recipe in
Happy Homebaking's website. She has done hers so nicely
and I am tempted to make one since I have to use up my
yogurt (really sick of my chocolate marble cake). Usually I do
not have much problem with non bake cake, but this time I
find jelly like substance at the bottom of the filling. Anyway,
its edible, so I just ignore it for the time being.

Non bake cakes are always welcomed by my kids, so I had no
problem in finishing the cake.

反而去自找麻烦。 不过没法啦,得用完我的那一大罐 无糖yogurt,

这回上场的是Happy Homebaking 的 Oreo Yogurt Cake.
crumble (这就是我不自量力的地方)。结果就是以上的样子,

可不可告诉我,我是不自量力, 还是勇于尝试?不过,连续三次


bACk in GERMANY said...

I think my son will love this one!

Yep, difficult to rub flour into butter in Sg. Too hot and for me, my hands/finger-tips are all too warm. Butter melts within seconds!

sherlyn said...

hmm ... then quick quick follow the recipe and do one for him :-) the weather is also hot there now for rubbing butter rite? hmm .. then you have to wait till autumn or get a food processor to do the job liao ;-) do liao show me okie :)

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