Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Lemon curd cake recipe

Sorry for the lateness. Tired + busy + away from home + sick
so ..... (but still no excuses hor)

Anyway here's the recipe for the Lemon curd cake
(from Phoon Huat)

Ingredients for sponge cake (make 2 8" or 9" pan)

Egg Yolk                                                     5 nos
"Red Man" Caster Sugar                         35 gm
Egg white                                                   4 nos
"Red Man" Caster Sugar                         35 gm
Lemon Skin and juice                               1 nos
"Red Man " Cake flour                             120 gm
"Gold Tree" Butter Unsalted (melted)  25 gm


1. Mix egg yolk and sugar until creamy.
2. Mix egg white and sugar until soft peak.
3. Mix 1 and 2 mixture together and add in lemon juice and
    skin, slowly add in flour and melted butter.
4.  Pour into tray and bake at 190dC for 15 minutes.

Ingredients for Lemon Curd Filling

Lemon juice                                                50 ml
"Gold Tree" butter unsalted                     75 gm
"Red Man" Fine sugar                               100 gm
egg                                                                 3 nos
Mllac Cream                                                250 gm
"Red Man" Gelatine Powder                      15 gm
water                                                             45 ml


1. Whisk lemon juice, sugar and egg on the stove until thick and
    little boil.
2. Add in gelatine and mix well.
3. Add in soft butter and mix well until cool.
4. Lastly mix with whipped cream.
5. Pour half of the filling on the sponge, repeat the process
    1 more time, chilled before serve.

I hope you all understand the recipe posted above as I do not
have time to rephrase it clearer. I had problem understanding
it cos I am not the one who went for the demo. Anyway I find
that their instructions are not very detailed, so for that only
time I went, I jot down alot of my own notes. Furthermore,
the chef in the demo class change the measurement during the
class at times.

Anyway, the one I made taste alright. I wish you all the best.
Got to get some sleep now.

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