Thursday, February 24, 2011

Hobbies, hobbies and more hobbies? - bento

Ok, this post is not about my bakes too, but about a simple bento that I assembled for my kids on Valentines' Day. It may not be a hobby as in an activity that I do during my leisure time, but I definitely love doing this.

I put together bento for them since they started school (ie from age 4 nursery). No, I am not telling you how experience I am, because I do not do beautifully decorated ones, but simple one that my kids are happy with. They are usually bread cut into shapes or roll up since they have very limited break time during the kindy days. Now that they went to Primary School with a half hour recess and longer school hours, I need to upsize the bento, ie more assembly work but of the similar ingredients since my kids are rather fussy eaters. LOL.

This Valentines' Day, I put together the below for them.

I cut frozen cocktail sausages diagonally the night before and left them to thaw in the fridge. Early next morning, I halved them, arranged them into heart shape on small pieces of bread "lined" with cheese (bite size bread is easier for them to eat). Then I popped them into the toaster oven for around 5 minutes. I am using the melted cheese to "secure" the heart shape sausages. Flowers and strawberries cannot be wrong for Valentines' so I added the flower shaped store bought biscuits and two strawberries in a food pick to fill up the box. They do not take the usual "space fillers" raw vegs like lettuce so there is no way I include it. They are happy and so am I. Would be nice and more appropriate if I have bought the below food picks earlier.

Initially I thought of using this post to support my cyber friend in a challenge she started, but after seeing a few entries, 我打退堂鼓。The rest of the entries are so much nicer. Next time perhaps SSB.

Now .. how about my baking and beading ....

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A very Happy Lunar New Year to all of you

Again, I am not able to bake any CNY goodies before the CNY ... I did set aside last friday for baking peanut cookies, but PH has no stock for the peanut powder ... so these few days I am rushing my last minute spring cleaning thou I started in end Dec. I will be away for the CNY, back to hubby's hometown. 

Here, with the picture I took of my mashimaro (which I dig out during spring cleaning, hello rabbit) and the esso tigers in the background (bye tigers) , I wish all my friends and all visitors to my blog, a very Happy Lunar New Year.

I hope my wish of baking some CNY goodies will come true after I come bak from hometown.

Ta Ta.

祝大家  新年快樂,萬事如意,身體健康,心想事成。

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