Tuesday, November 20, 2007

chocolate and vanilla marble loaf again

Wasn't blogging cos not really in the mood for the past few days
(many days infact).

Made the same cake again on Nov 15 because boy likes to eat it.
Gave some to my friend and she commented that it is a little dry
and advise me to add more eggs. So this time round, i added 3
eggs (i did half recipe cos not enough margarine). Let her try
again cos hubby and her work in same building, so he helped to
deliver. This time she say just nice. :-)

Anyway the cake is gone after a day. Boy simply like it and
always eat 2 piece in one go, somemore this time is only half loaf.

Here are some pictures to share.

 picture from the baking book


It cracked a little this time, and it is flatter since half recipe, same
size pan. Hiaz, but i never get that nice swirl look as shown in the
first picture i took from the cookbook.

Anyway, this time round, i use the mixer to beat the batter.
It seems that it did not make any difference in the cake texture
be it by hand or mixer.

However, my mother used the same recipe, but she uses rice
bran oil instead of margarine. I am not sure if the look of the
texture is consider the same, but it tastes differently. The one
using margarine is soft, crumbly but the one uses rice bran oil
taste like huat kueh. My hubby like huat kueh texture thou.

 close up of "my" cake

 My "mum's " cake

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