Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Cookies and cream cupcakes again

Baked cookies and cream cupcakes today agian.
Why am I baking the same thing again and again? Because my
kids like to eat these (think is because of the oreo biscuit). If I
don't bake things that they like to eat, then who will help me
finish them? :-)

This time, half of the recipe gave me 12 mini muffin and 9 "big"
ones (I used those foil cups). Used hand to cream the butter and
sugar again. So tiring. Next time must not be lazy, use mixer!

Here are some pictures to share. Added 6 oreo cookies
(minus the cream, ie 12 single pieces) cos I use the convenient
pack. I think I still overbaked them cos was busy attending to
boy (he down with fever).


 the big and small pac man :-)

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