Saturday, October 13, 2007

failed AGAIN - Chocolate banana sponge cake

I tried this recipe before, and I did it quite alright. I think the cake texture is right then but this time round, definitely a failure. The cake did not rise, is hard and dry.

I had the batter till ribbon stage, thou not sure if it is ribbon enough. Took me ard 15 minutes. However, i m not happy that i took quite a long time folding in the flour mix. Besides that, I used raw sugar instead of caster sugar (NTUC run out of stock) and I am short of 8g butter. Now, did that 8g butter make the cake so dry ? Its only 8g!

Got to keep trying. Very dishearten with all the failures recently.

I hv to note down this. I really hv problem blending in the flour properly with the least strokes. I find that there are dark chocolate coloured mix settling down at the bottom of the bowl.  Now, my mix bowl has a flat base, just like every others.
Will a small base bowl helps ?


Happy Homebaker said...

If you use cocoa powder in your sponge cake, you will have to sieve the cocoa powder with the flour at least 3 times before starting to beat the eggs. When ready, sieve over the cocoa/flour mixture to the batter, in 3 separate additions...don't do it in one shot. You will find that it is much easier. Also use a spatular to fold in the flour mixture, do not use a whisk. Hope this help, and remember, practice makes perfect.

sherlyn said...

Thanks happy homebaker. I still remember from the video (it really helps alot) on how to fold the flour. I also sift 3 times plus one more time into the batter but i think my folding technique seriously need practicing hehehe. Prepare to see more failed projects ? :)

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