Monday, October 8, 2007

failed Brownie ?

Was told brownie wasnt a difficult item for a newbie so off I went to "collect" the ingredients required and finally attempted it today.  The result (the look) is not satisfactory and I am not sure if that is the right result (the taste) anyway. The recipe is from Happy Home Baking. Its call Nut and Chocolate Chip Brownies.

I am getting lazier to clean up the mixer these days (luckily I have not invest on a KitchenAid or Kenwood) so I tried mixing the mix with my hands. However, the amount of sugar and egg make it so difficult for me to whisk (old woman liao lah) so all I could do is to swirl the mix round and round.  After much swirling, I finally get tired of it and mixed in the melted chocolate then sifted in the flour and off goes the mixture into the oven.

After 35 minutes, it came out looking like this after standing for some time. It isn't like this when it first came out from the oven.

 Look at the "squarish" hole in the centre.

 The pieces of brownie are only 2cm tall!

Patiently waited for it to cool down, then cut and taste it. It is very very sweet (even thou i reduced sugar to 180g thinking that my Van Houten baking chocolate should be a semi sweet chocolate). It is indeed moist (a consolation since it supposed to be) and maybe it is fudgy (since I am not sure how fudgy taste like) but it is flat (since it collapsed).

Only my gal wants to try upon me asking, but my boy rejected my offer. Now I am stucked with many pieces of fattening brownie 
(I am too fat to keep eating these nice stuff). I must go buy
smaller pans. My kids have not been eating alot of my bakes
accept the egg tarts. I should start "recruiting" testers 
(don't want to stop cos i like baking leh).

I forgot to mention, i even hv problem leveling the mix for oven cos it is very gooey.


NingXuTan said...

Hey, it looks alright to me.. brownie are meant to be sweet, you have not seen my 'premix' brownie, can't even take out pc by pc, have to 'scoop' out to eat them.

sam.tew said...

I have tasted quite a fair bit of brownie before... this tasted a little sweet but I still think that it is almost as sweet as those that I have tasted before. However, I would say that it will be better if it is slightly less sweeter. ;-p

Overall, it's 7 out of 10 from me.

Simonne said...

I have bake this today, mine doesnt have a nice crust top. I think i should lower my temp next baking for all my brownies
Ya i think a little sweet (i used 180g) will reduce to 150g next time
Your brownies too short? May i know what size pan u using ? I'm using 8" square pan

sherlyn said...

Hi Simonne,

So nice of you to drop by cos I seldom bake now (but gog to jia you soon).

Recently I went to a workshop and the teacher says that we should reduce sugar by at least 50g cos 10 or 20 will not make a difference, so ya , next time i try I will reduce more. (and now you made me want to eat brownie hehe)
I am also using 8" pan. Maybe mine sinked in the centre, that is why shorter? I have seen your blog, I think your cake's top look perfect ah. :-)

Simonne said...

Short brownies is ok geh, maybe u try to bake it in "smaller pan" to make it taller.
I'm goin to bake again.. hope it turn out well this time :P
Yes I love chocolate n I love brownies.. Jia you to baking!

sherlyn said...

Ya short brownies are actually ok, but if the "short" is due to brownie sinking, then something must be wrong isn't it? :-)

I guess I can use a smaller pan to bake the brownie to get the height, but then, "thicker" brownie batter would means longer bake time? Also, brownies are sometimes meant not to be overbake so being not very experience in baking, I try to stick to recipe (thou sometimes I do make changes due to some unforseen circumstances).

yeay, jia you to baking.

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