Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Pandan chiffon cake turn malay kueh

Tried making a pandan chiffon cake today. I know it is a difficult cake and i am not
overestimating myself, just that my family is sick of chocolate cakes 
and my fussy little  eaters like pandan cake.

I hv coconut milk in fridge so I thought I give Aunty Yochana's Pandan chiffon cake a try.
Thank you Aunty Yochana for sharing the recipe.

How embarassing. The cake is a total failure. Mixing the egg yolk part is quite a breeze (I wouldn't know if it has gone wrong anyway). There isnt anyone around to confirm my "beating the egg white (which is a first to me)" is correct. Anyway I folded ard 1/3 of beaten egg white  into the egg yolk mixture first then the rest of it. There is still streaks of white thou.

On the cooking portion. The recipe calls for 40 - 45 minutes, but at abt 20 - 25 minutes (but i did half the recipe), I saw the cake rise , dome shape, and cracks in the centre. I even witness a crack starting from the centre, working its way to the side of the cake (like ice cracking in ice age movie). According to baking book, the dome shape is the symptom of temperature too hot. A pity my oven thermometer is not at a correct angle for me to chk properly.

As I can see the inside through the crack, I think it looks cooked, so I tested it. The satay stick comes out clean. I declare its cooked and took it out of the oven. While testing, 
the dome has already sank back to be levelled with the rest of the 
cake, so I thot it will not sink any further and so did not follow
 what the recipe says abt cooling it inverted. 
After a minute, or maybe less, the cake collapsed further. Look at this sorry sight.

I did not wait for it to cool too long cos i wanted to taste the cake. This is the look of the inside.
I can imagine how it will look if it has not collasped.

Hubby tried and say not bad, taste like malay kueh. I also find the taste very pleasing, not too sweet, just nice. 
Infact I think I love the taste. Got to try this again soon.

Some minor changes i want to note here.
- Half the recipe is used
- Only 65ml coconut in the packet, so 10ml if HL milk is added to make up the liquid content
- 8 inch square pan is used instead of tube pan (now considering shd i go buy a tube pan instead)
- I lined the pan, bottom and sides (not sure if this affects the rising of the cake)


Happy Homebaker said...

Hi Sherlyn, for chiffon cake, you will need to use a tube pan...and there is no need to line or grease the pan as the batter needs to cling on to the ungreased/unlined sides to "climb" up. The tube pan is necessary to ensure even circulation of the heat. You will also need to invert the pan so that the cake will not sink. I am sure this is a good experience for u to get a feel how to beat the egg whites :)

serena said...

Hi! I was so curious when you sms me that you have put the cake photo up in your blog. Now, I know why your hubby says it's like kueh. I thought you were going to use a round baking tin? This tin looks more like for swiss roll or brownies? Anyway, thought the colour was beautiful.

sherlyn said...


Ya, I think i had fun beating the egg whites and guessing if they are the right consistency .. but I guess until the right cake comes out, i wouldnt know if i hv gone wrong elsewhere. My mother is gog to buy a tube pan soon hehe. I hope to get it right, then i wouldnt need to taste those very sweet pandan cake from NTUC.

Thks so much for your advices.

sherlyn said...

I half the recipe cos i kind of know it will not be successful the first try, so wouldnt want to eat so much of the failure cake alone hehe so round tin too big.

Ya its the square pan, but not swiss roll pan. Not sure wat can square pan be used for, cos i used it as long as the volume of the batter fits.

The color is pretty, even if it has been compressed. I think it will look equally pretty when it is fluffed up. Anyway it certainly taste nice even thou it is compressed form.

Now I just hate to add more stuff to my kitchen, cos running out of storage.

Small Small Baker said...

Hi Sherlyn, just want to share this with you. I remember I read this before, a chiffon recipe is used on both a chiffon tin and a swiss roll tin.
The setting is:
8in chiffon 150C, 30min
34x24cm rect tin, 170C, 15min

Maybe can adjust the timing and temp a bit. I'm also still learning how to bake a good chiffon cake. :)

sherlyn said...

Hello small small baker,

Thanks so much for dropping by and sharing this little tip. My mother finally went to buy the tube pan (she has Phoon Huat voucher). Just gave it another go. Will update in another post on that.

Lets work hard together :).

p/s : if you hv a blog too, do share with me. :)

Small Small Baker said...

Hi Sherlyn. You can click my profile for my blog. :)

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