Thursday, October 25, 2007

Dinner - Baked rice

Sick of cooking the usual dishes and think that it has been a long time since i do bake rice. Had 2 recipes cut out in my recipe file, but i choose to source recipe online from my fav food blog - Happy Home Baking blog.

Read it a couple of time last night, but i did not jot it down. So I simple rely on memory. Start cooking the thighs, cut up the meat when cooled. Chopped ingredients (just use my own) red green capsicum, button mushroom, tomato, and the usual garlic and onion when cooking chicken. After that I use butter to stir fry the garlic and onion, followed by the other ingredients, then pour in the nestle pouring cream that has been sitting in my fridge for a long long time (wanted that cream to do the cake frosting) then the stock. In goes the last impt ingredient, cooked rice. I placed a few slices of crabmeat stick (those frozen ones) and sprinkle on the mozz cheese generously (almost used all of the packet that i bought from 

The cheese took quite some time to start turning brown. Kids are complaining that they hungry (time is 545pm). Finally, after 30 minutes of ard 180 deg C, I can serve my baked rice.

Its the first time i use cream.  All previous attempts uses tomato ketchup, or tomato puree (my other cut out recipe), or canned soups. Camera low batt and got to feed kids, so only manage this foto.

My hubby commented that it is tasty leh .. yay. My kids, also say nice, accept they keep picking out the mushroom.


NingXuTan said...

Looks so yummy & very well done!

serena said...

wow! I want to eat too!!

sherlyn said...

thanks Serena, well then perhaps i consider making for the next gathering :) But will be only enuf for small crowd , or maybe big crowd then each one get a "bite" haha cos small oven , one such baking pan hehehe

sherlyn said...

Thanks Jy, yours is nice too. Besides look, taste is impt too ..

Happy Homebaker said...

Hi Sherlyn, I have never used nestle pouring cream to make baked tasted good?! next time I will try! I used dairy whipping cream from Phoon Huat. It has very short shelf life and comes in 1 ltr sometimes I can't finish using it up on time! The nestle cream is just the right size!

sherlyn said...

Ya HappyHomeBaking,

I had this can of nestle in the fridge for a v long time liao cos wanted to do the cream for the chocolate cake in your blog but the cake wasnt successful so i did not make the cream. I also think the cream is just the right size. Give it a try next time. I also anyhow hum tam on the cream part hehe

bACk in GERMANY said...

hi sher!

Looks yummy-licious!

I got to remember to come in more frequently to drool... now, I'm having instant potato puree for lunch while the kids are in school and your baked rice is making it all taste better! I'm pretending to tuck in to your scrummy baked rice!

sherlyn said...

hellooo Cindy ..

no need to be so frequent lah .. my stuff are not all the time so delicious looking and furthermore i do not bake that often. :-)

I think you can easily duplicate that bake rice over there since the ingredients are "international" hehehhehe.

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