Saturday, December 15, 2007

Japanese cheese cake

Another daring attempt - Japanese cheesecake. Why? Cos my 
sister in law in msia want to try, so I thought it is easier to bake
a cake that should be chilled cos i can bake it a day before.

What alot of work to do. Melting the cheese, beat the egg yolk,
then fold in flour then beat egg whites. How i wish I had more
kitchen space to lay all my ingredients in proper and hv to beater
so that I do not need to wash in the middle of preparing a cake.

I tried this recipe from JY's baking journal. The recipe mentioned
that it is for a 20cm cake but I had to use a 9 inch round with
the amount of batter. 

I did not know for how long shd i beat the egg yolks, but i had a
cheesecake recipe book from the library (ya so coincidental). The
book advise that I shd not beat too much else it rises too much
and will sink drastically. So I just beat it till it turns pale in color.
( I just found out that the egg yolks should beat till a ribbon

This time, the egg whites are beaten better then the previous
two, but I think there is still some watery egg white at the base.
Its really difficult to judge if you are already there (i mean
beating the egg white to the stage that you want). I guess it can
only comes with practice.

Then I realise I did not hv a deep roasting pan to put enough
water to at least reach half of the cake pan for the water bath,
so no choice, just let the 9 inch round sit on a 9 inch square pan.

The cake rose quite beautifully but later got burnt on top and
starts to hv cracks, then i had to cover the top with foil. Then I
start to panic cos I did not know how to test if the cake is cooked!
I left the cake to bake for an extra 15 minutes.

After the cake left the oven, it sank. It didn't look like a japanese
cheese cake at all. *sigh*


Taste wise is fine, cos I always love chilled stuff. A little too sour
to my liking. 

Must try another time to see if I can achieve better results.

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