Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Orange Lemon Yogurt Cake

This post is back dated to 5th Dec 07.

So far, I have problem trying to get natural plain yogurt from the
NTUC near my house. So when I finally got it, I quickly go search
my "database" of recipes in my PC for one recipe that uses yogurt.

Decided on this Orange Lemon Yogurt Cake since I had both
lemon and orange at home.

 ok this is from the
recipe book

 This is the one I baked

Did you see the difference in texture ? I am not sure why thou.

I am surprised that my kids enjoy the cake, but I bet its because
the cake is fridged, not so much of its taste. I start to wonder,
how a cake that has yogurt as an ingredient tastes like. Its kind
of like eating a Sara Lee pound cake in this case. A little too
sweet this time even thou I have reduced the sugar.

*haiz* I still hv problem beating the egg whites. There is always
unbeaten egg whites at the bottom of the bowl. Must keep on


Happy Homebaker said...

Hi Shelyn, base on my own experience, when you use yogurt in bakes, you can't really taste it. The use of yogurt will help make the cake moist though.

As for beating the egg whites, I read that when beating, you will have to turn and tilt the bowl very often, and try to get the mixer's paddle to cover as much of the egg whites as possible. This will you can reach the egg whites at the bottom of the bowl. Hope this help :)

serena said...

Hi! Actually I think yours look more cakelike. The picture looks more like non bake cheese cake texture. Anyway, why bother if the kids love it. Right?!!

sherlyn said...

Dear HHB,

Thanks for the tip on beating egg whites. I used it when i baked my cheese cake and I think i did better than the previous time. Aiming to do better. :-)

sherlyn said...

Dear Serena,

Ya man! I think mine was more cakelike too. *grin* Ya, my kids love it, but i wonder is it the cake taste they love, or cos the cake is from the fridge.

Just don't understand why am i so particular in getting the right texture and taste for all cakes. I am not doing it for sales what! *sigh*

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