Monday, May 25, 2009

Dessicated Coconut Muffins

Finally I baked something. Saw from Esther's blog that she did a dessicated coconut muffin. The original recipe that she refers to uses butter, but she changed it to sunflower oil instead, so I thought, there shouldn't be a need to cream the oil, so I went ahead to make that. Moreover, bakes with coconuts are among the top of my favourite foods.

Since it is just stir and mix, nothing very special to note. My girl helped me with it and it was done in the morning easily. I did not have evaporated milk, so I used my fresh milk. This recipe produces a small amount of muffins, just 6 for my size of muffin cups. There isn't enough to go round because it is very yummy. My kids like it as much as I do and complained that I made too little. I promised them I will make this again after I buy more dessicated coconut (I hope tomorrow). However the muffins are not the fluffy type. I added the cherries as decoration since they are lying around for sometime. Here are the muffins.
看到了嗎? 終於有新鮮小蛋糕出爐了。跟著esther的好介紹,我烘了這個椰絲小蛋糕。過程簡單,因為沒用牛油而是用葵花油,所以沒用攪拌器打發,只是稍微攪拌,沒一會兒就有一陣陣的椰香。孩子們都很喜歡,可能物以稀為貴,因為只有六個。凡是又椰子成份的食品都是我的最愛。我要趕快去添購椰絲再做因為我還沒吃夠。

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