Monday, May 11, 2009


Perhaps I should change my blog name to "copycat housewife" since I often take recipes from other food blogs to use (I do give credits).

This time, Happyhomebaker shared a video on how omurice is made (see the video in her pretty omurice post). I always have problem wrapping omurice. It will be flat and contained very little of rice only. Or I will just line a bowl with an egg omelette, stuff the rice inside, cover the rice with the omelette and invert it onto a plate, then slit the top. With this video, I somehow managed wrapping up quite a big portion of rice and managed to have it on the plate with little spills (or rice). I did not shape my omurice though and I think the egg is overcooked. Here's a look.

I hope to bake the coconut muffin in Esther's blog real soon because like her, I am also like stuff with coconuts.

我沒有創意的,只會直接從別人網站參考食譜,就烹煮。我不是不要改而是不會改,而且那食譜已tried and tested,好看又好吃,所以何必呢?這天,多謝Happyhomebaker找到的video,我才能把這日式的蛋包飯做好。以前總是薄薄的,現在總算能飽一餐。


Happy Homebaker said...

See, you can make it!
btw, I am a copycat too ;')

sherlyn said...

Ya, I made it too. Quite happy, but was telling Esther that yours look more pro, cos my egg so brown. keke.
You are not copycate lah, cos u still make adjustment and amendments, I just do it from the recipe. kekeke.

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