Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Blog is not dead.

One of my friend commented that I have not been posting in my blog. Not much mood when the mixer is dead and I have to wait till GSS to get a new one. However, she cannot see the pictures I share in FB, so I have decided to put them up here for her and to "clock" up the time till the next baking post. These are dishes that I have cooked for my family and kids these few days. Some of the dishes are from cookbooks that I borrowed from the library and some of them are dishes that other food bloggers have done. For example, the idea of salmon furikake lunch is from Happy homebaker, of cos hers is done up much better (see here) . Here goes :-

Sugar snaps overcooked!

the all time favourite spagetti topped with parmesan.

Must put up both pictures thou same stuff, else kids will ask why isn't his's/her's there.

這裡附上我為家人和孩子煮的些家常菜。一位朋友沒法看到我在FB shared的這些照片,所以利用這個空間。這也好,若有朋友來訪,不至於看舊聞。我的攪拌機死了,所以沒烘焙一段日子了。我看我得去翻我那本“手拌式蛋糕”了。快點來啊。


Happy Homebaker said...

Sherlyn, hmmm...that's not a good excuse for not baking ;)
There are many cakes & bakes that don't really require the use of an electric mixer. I only use my handheld mixer to whip egg whites and whipping cream. Most of the time I use either a wooden spoon or a manual whisk. Hope to see more blog posting from you soon :)

sherlyn said...

Ya I agree. Luckily, my love for baking has not died. I still borrow baking books and read food blogs, and drool of cos :)

I do not have any handheld mixer and my hand power is not as good as yours .. get tired easily from creaming butter and sugar experiences. Wow, you mean all those cakes you use wooden spoon? Pei Fu Pei Fu. My hand cant tahan, just 1 min into creaming, i must stop.

But I certainly must try out some bakes that is just mix and bake. ya, hope to get some bakes out soon. Thanks so much for the encouragement.

Happy Homebaker said...

Hi Sherlyn, yes, I do not have an electric standing mixer, all I have is an electric handheld one...a "老古董" somemore! At least 20 yrs old liao ;) I usually use a manual whisk as I find it very troublesome to wash the whisk of my electric mixer.

sherlyn said...

Handheld mixer is still difficult to wash? I thought it is similar to manual whisk just that one use electricity, one use hand ? "Lau Gu Dong" is better ... you see my kenwood .. not even 2 years already knock out and I believe I don't bake as frequent as u. *sigh*.

btw, do u usually make small cakes or big? My mother wanting to "make it worthwhile" so usually make big cakes like 8 to 9 inch ones. perhaps the mixer cant handle. Will handheld one manage ?

now shd I buy a handheld or the kitchenaid (功夫不到家,買這個象殺雞用牛刀)? Any comments base on your experience?

Happy Homebaker said...

Hi Sherlyn, it is quite difficult to get rid of all the grease from the whisk of my handheld mixer. I'll need to use a small brush (like toothbrush) to clean!

I usually make 7" or 8" cakes since we are a small family. I thot a standing mixer has got more power and it should be able to make bigger portion as compared to a handheld one?

It really depends on your choice when it comes to getting a baking equipment. As for me I don't see the need of using a heavy duty standing mixer, as I can't bake that well (yes, it will be 殺雞用牛刀 for my case!) and I read that if the portion is too little, a heavy duty mixer may not be able to work really well as the paddle/whisk may not reach all the way to the bottom.

sherlyn said...

Ic. Ya mine also small family, and my dh even ask me to buy brownie (my boy want to eat) cos he didnt want to eat so much of fatty food so dun want me to bake keke.

Ya I also think standing mixer has more power, but not sure what happen to my kenwood one :(.


looks like I got to go chk out to see if the kitchenaid's whisk is very high above the bowl. I must get stand mixer, cos I can leave it there to work while I get on with other things. DH more concern abt helping me saves time cos i always complaining abt no time. Will chk out other stand mixer too.

Thank you for helping me out.

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