Sunday, July 12, 2009

I cheated again

What are these ugly chocolate rings? Did they scare u? They are donut when I asked my kids. They called them "Mummy's donut". I woke up early to make these so that I can utilise the leftover rings of lite meal buns I have. What happen to the centre of the "donuts"? I use them to make "Mummy's swensens burger" that look like the below.

一物二用。我用了Gardenia Lite Meal Bun 的麵包,做了孩子的早餐和晚餐。麵包中間切割出來做漢堡,傍邊拿來做甜甜圈。難看的甜甜圈沒吓着你吧?對不起,請多包涵。


Skinnymum said...

i luv the donut ...... fantastic idea!

Happy Homebaker said...

How creative! and what a brilliant idea :) You are a great mom, waking up early to prepare a scrumptious breakfast for your kids!

Small Small Baker said...

I also think it's a great idea! I thought they are real donuts. :)

sherlyn said...

Thanks skinnymum . just visited your blog but only has time to look at the headlines keke .. you seem to like what I like, bento, scrapping, cooking ... will make it a point to visit your blog frequently.

sherlyn said...

Thanks HHB. Its not frequent that people say I creative. So happy. I can only say I try to wake up early ..sometimes I wake later then the kids kekekeke.

sherlyn said...

Thanks SSB, The "donuts" tricked u. I guess that is the best I can do since I do not make real donuts. hehe. Now they are asking me to give them donuts with pink icing and M&M on them (they saw some in bakery we went last nite). *faint*

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