Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Piping flowers

I had fun piping. Bought a piping set from Daiso long time back,
but never like to eat cake with cream, so never had the chance
to try it out.

Bought some traditional cakes from neighbourhood bakery
shops, those with piped flowers and sweet gel... my kids like
them and i told them i will make some for them.

I am lazy to make the sponge cake, so my mum made for me
using premix, but we are not very good at slicing cake into two,
so spent a long time on that part and leaves no time to make
coloured buttercream.

Thanks to my friend, Joyce, who helped me with making the
buttercream. I am lazy to use mixer as I only wanted a small
amount, so I whipped by hand. I added peanut butter to the
cream but the color contrast is not so obvious.

My kids love the cakes .. must be the piped patterns. Its
something new to them. Above are the designs I tried before 
I rush off to pick up my boy from school.

Its fun, will try to do again. This time I want to get other tips.
The ones I got are too big to make little designs.



densar said...

Hi Sher,
I had been thinking of buying piping set for the longest time, sigh, but no one likes cakes with cream leh. Was it messy? Think it will be fun to do it with H.

sherlyn said...

Hi Densar,

Welcome back. I don't like cakes with cream either, but so far, my dh and my kids like cream.

I think it is not messy and certainly would be fun to do it with H. If its just for fun, perhaps just go for this $2 diaso set? And I guess you need to find a "cheaper" recipe where you just pipe the cream for fun then discard? If you do find one, let me know. ;-) Think too much cream is still no good.

bACk in GERMANY said...

Hi Sher!

You do the piping so well!

sherlyn said...

Thank you, Cindy. I think you are doing better. A pity buttercreams are so fattening, so are whipped cream .. maybe beat up egg white and pipe hahahaha ... it is fun piping but not fun eating.

so anymore pretty cupcakes coming up in your blog ?

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