Monday, November 10, 2008

Play Cheat Chilli Tuna Puff

I came across a blog or somewhere in the net that
mention using roti prata to make the skin of curry
puff, so since I have two frozen prata slices, i open
a can of chilli tuna and try it out.

I have to half the round prata, wait for a while for
the skin to thaw, put in the filling, fold and seal
it by using a fork to press all round the edges. Then
egg wash the puff and send it to oven.

I made 4 puffs with the pratas, only one is presentable,
cos by trial and error, I only manage to seal my puff
properly with the ok amount of filling. Anyway, after
baking for sometime, the puff still breaks open (goes
to show that I did not seal it properly still) due to
the "boiling" chilli tuna sauce (guess I must drain more
of the sauce off).

Another problem is that the puff are flat on one side
since it is place flat on the baking tray ... so still
not so presentable leh.

Anyway, can eat can liao, fast and good and tasty.
Maybe next time try other filling.



Small Small Baker said...

Hi, I have tagged you for a meme. Check out my blog and have fun!

sherlyn said...

Hi small small baker,

Thanks for tagging me, but I do not have 7 bloggers for me to tag on, so I believe I am not able to pass on this meme.

From the facts that you shared, you must be a young lady. :-)

Take care of your health. My boy is now having fever. :-(

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