Monday, December 1, 2008

Pumpkin cakes and more pumpkin cakes

Since the school holiday started, I am busy in bringing the kids out and about, so did not really bake alot. Anyway, the kids accepted my pumpkin "cup"cake so I tried the recipe again since I did not add ground hazelnut previously. The kids still like it. Good :). I still bake in cups since it is more convenient.

My sister in law also tried her hands on the same recipe, and her cake look more like the one printed out in the book. I am thinking if it makes a difference grating the pumpkin or shredding it by knife so I baked two batches on last friday night.

Indeed, the pumpkin in the batch where pumpkin is shredded by knife shows well but not in the grated batch. Anyway, both taste nice. I gave some to my friend whom I met on saturday morning and she gave good reviews.

This time, I only put in 100ml of oil. The cakes still taste good to me.

I still have half of a big pumpkin in the fridge. Mother in law gave it to me. I am sick of doing the same thing .. so got to look for new recipes.

Here's two samples from a batch with ground hazelnut. I did not picture any from the last batch since its the same thing.

学校假期开始后,我忙着带孩子出去走走, 所以并没有专注于烘焙。不过,上回的南瓜蛋糕没用ground hazelnut, 所以这次特别买来加进去。我也减少了油,只放了100ml. 我还是在星期五的晚上大概十点才开工,因为想隔天拿些给朋友试吃。还好朋友与她家人都说不错。虽然我孩子还是喜欢,但我还是要用别的食谱来解决还在我冰橱的那半粒南瓜。


Small Small Baker said...

Your pumpkin cakes look delicious leh. I have never tried baking anything with pumpkins. Maybe should try it someday. :)

sherlyn said...

Thanks SSB. Its the first time I did anything with pumpkin too. I am glad I can "hide" pumpkin inside cakes so that my kids still get to eat it since it is such a nutritious fruit/vege.

Go try it, definitely not difficult for you. :-)

bbhome said...

sounds & looks yummy. i might try it out someday.

sherlyn said...

Yup, its pretty yummy but then again, taste is very subjective :).. but at least I can get some of the nutrious pumpkin into their stomach. Do try it, else will never know.

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