Tuesday, September 8, 2009

My third loaf from Breadmaker

To use up the frozen pandan juice, I made the pandan bread again. This time I used the new brand of yeast, use pandan juice instead of coconut milk and remember to add pandan paste (instead of essence, because I don't have).

Normally, with my skills, I do not venture far from the recommended recipe, but this time, I just want to use up all the frozen pandan juice. With the new yeast, my hubby says there is still a slight hint of sourness .. anyway I did not detect anything.

This time, the bread is softer than the first try. Not sure if it is due to the egg. My kids are having chicken pox, so cannot consume any eggs, thus I just empty the whole egg into the mixer bowl, a total of 46g instead of what is asked for. The bread looks bigger as compared to the first time too. However, I just can't seem to get a smooth top.

By the way, anyone know what is the difference between pandan paste and pandan essence?

你認為我做麵包上癮了嗎? 不是啦。是我懶。用麵包機做麵包,就好像煮一鍋熟的餐。全部材料倒進去,開機,按鈕,等三小時,就有麵包吃了。這次沒用椰奶因為想用完椰水。 蛋也多過食譜寫的。這次的斑蘭麵包比第一次來的軟,也比較大。新鮮的麵包一定好吃的。


Small Small Baker said...

Maybe you can bake in the oven instead? I don't really like using the full function. The bread is usually very thick in crust. Besides, if you take out the dough, you can make a variety of shapes and add fillings. :)

sherlyn said...

Wao, u are early. Ya the crust is so thick .. but currently I do not hv time to hand make the 2nd half leh. Must wait till I got the mood and time then can ... I also wish to make ham bun, bacon bun ... haha alot of wish, just plain lazy.

sherlyn said...

btw, ssb, you have also stopped baking for some time... r just no time to upload?

wendyywy said...

Pandan paste is really in paste form, something like ketchup texture, or another name is pandan emulco. Taste much much better than pandan essence, more like the real thing mixed with fresh coconut, like the pandan chiffon smell when made with the real stuff?

Pandan essence is liquid, just like vanilla essence. Has a weird after taste in the mouth, something like "kerosene" smell, if u ask me.

sherlyn said...

Hi Wendy (sorry I deduce your name from the nick, hope I am right), thanks for dropping by.

So you are saying instead of pandan paste, I can buy pandan emulco?

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