Friday, May 7, 2010

Double Chocolate Cupcakes (take 2)

No volcanoes this time. I half the recipe and it yields 16 cups, of which 3 are slightly taller cups (brown ones at the far end).
I also reduced the sugar. Hubby says this time is not as tasty as the first, but my kids still love it the same. I know the sugar and oil ratio affects the bake, but not sure by how much. Perhaps the sugar has changed something so hubby says not as tasty.

I noticed something weird this time. The chocolate chips seemed burnt. Look at the picture below, did you see a rim of black around the melted chocolate of the chip?

Can any expert visiting my blog enlighten me?


Kitchen Corner said...

May I know what cause the chocolate chips burnt?

sherlyn said...

Dear Kitchen Corner,

I am so happy you came visiting. I think no one visits my blog now.
Seriously I wish I know what happened to the chips. I have never come across burnt chips. Furthermore, the chips are inside the batter, not at the top or side, so how can they get burnt?
Perhaps my temperature is too high? My oven thermometer is spoilt, so I can only use agaration.
Oh, why there is no hotline for baking? Sometimes I have so many questions to ask.
I can only say I am lucky that there is not burnt taste or smell. I will try again after a while, cos I do not want my kids to get sick eating the same cake. keke.

In touch with Purplerine said...

Who said? I got visit hor. keke....

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