Friday, August 13, 2010

Easy Peasy Scones

I am complaining in FB about having excess Bulla Pure Cream and don't know what to do with it. My friend then share with me her friend's recipe on scones which helps me use up the cream, today where it is suppose to be expiring. Thank you to Cindy, and her friend. And thanks to FB too.

It is only mixing up of 3 ingredients and off to the oven, and 15 minutes later (I use 20 minutes just to be sure), I got the crusty exterior, soft interior scones. I did not roll out and cut using moulds. I just take a lump randomly, roll it up then flatten it and down it goes to the baking tray. How lazy.

I have heard of scones, but not sure of the taste nor the look (forgetten even thou I read about scones in other blogs). So after baking I asked my friend to verify the result. She said looks ok but a little flat. Silly me, thinking that it will cook easier if it is flatter, so I purposely flatten them.

My girl ate some when they are just out of the oven, and she sings praises. My boy ate it 4 hours later when he came back from school, and said that he like it but then he also does not like it. My hubby said tasteless, while I said they are very salty. I think the "saltiness" is actually the taste similar to some yellow noodles. Perhaps I should say the 澗水 taste?

Here are how they look like ..

the dough
waiting to be baked

Fresh out from oven
The crusty inside and soft outside

very tired now ... cut cut cut ..


Blessed Homemaker said...

Next time you want to clear your cream, you can try this cream scones, it's really good. But don't pop too much into your mouth, it's fattening ;-)

sherlyn said...

*sigh* ya very fattening, 45% fat pure cream ... and that batch, all into my tummy dare not make another time .. usually I try to do things without cream, not even whip cream .. so u dun see me doing much frosting, but frankly I love to decorate, thou I m not creative.

Happy Homebaker said...

Sherlyn, I sent u an email last week, not sure whether you received it?

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