Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Chocolate Hazelnut Bread (2nd trial)

It has been a long long time since I use the bread machine. So, since there is no bread tomorrow, and it is a saturday the next day, I decided to stay up and start the bread machine at 3am, so that I can have fresh bread at 7am.

This is the first time I stayed up and start baking at middle of the night. I always wanted to try, especially when my hubby is not in town, cos I would not have to worry about waking him up .. but that very day, they slept in air con room, so I just close the kitchen door and start working. But I was still concious about the noise I made when I gathered and measured the ingredients, so the preparation work took quite some time.

I initially though that I would be able to sleep once I set the machine working .. but I forgot that I must put in the ground hazelnut and chocolate chips at the beep after 2nd kneading cycle .. so I had to stay awake for a little while more.

Finally after I poured in the hazelnut bits and chips, I went to sleep and woke up after 3 hours to turn off the maker. We finally ate the bread around 9am.

The top of the bread is still not smooth looking. I cut the bread into thick slices, hoping to finish it sooner hahaha.

This time round, the bread is soft but very dense. Eating it is like eating bao skin. There is no mention about the inside of the bread being dense in my previous try. Anyway, I did not like the bread this time round, and my boy did not give it the thumbs up (but my 饞嘴猫 girl did). My hubby did not taste the bits this time but he also did not like the bread as much. So I think this is the last time I am doing this bread. I got to find more breadmaker recipe.

Here are how they look after I sliced them into thick slices.

The thick crust, swirly insides and all.


Happy Homebaker said...

Hi Sherlyn, Bread machine loaf will not give a smooth top, unless, you bother to remove the dough (after kneading) to smooth it out and return it into the pan. We are so used to eating soft and light bread, so we will find this type of bread much denser. If you are looking for softer bread made from BM, you can take a look at this blog:

or this one here:

sherlyn said...

Wa, so many info in those two blogs .. ok will go there and chk it out... Thank you so much for helping me to improve.

So you are saying we will never get smooth top for bread machine breads if we do not intervene and that bread machine bread will produce dense bread?

Happy Homebaker said...

Yes, cannot hope to achieve smooth top. I think that is the trade off. But you can always slice the top off :)

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