Thursday, September 8, 2011

First try on Mooncakes

*This post has to supercede the older bakes and makes cos I need to ride on this post to show some pictures of a plant for a forum purpose.

Mooncakes ah mooncakes ... this item always in my to do list .. just like any others and the CNY cookies. I casually mentioned during my visit to my in law that I wanted to try make snowskin this Sept holiday but has not purchase the powder yet then one of my sister in law promptly gave me a packet of snowskin powder. I declined as I am afraid I will not be able to find the time to purchase the rest of the ingredients but she insisted so I roped in my mother to help (got extra push factor mah).

We have decided that yesterday morning will be D day. It is not her first as she has done it many years ago but it certainly is my first and my kids' first. She came over after my hubby left for work and when we are about to start, I noticed that my laundry hanging outside has been "attacked"!

So we have to spent some time tidying up the mess, rinse the laundry again and it is noontime. I have to cook lunch while my mother go ahead to make the skin for the mooncake. She also taught my kids how to wrap the mooncake but my boy gave up halfway. I managed to make 4 pieces and am quite satisfied with my kungfu. Hee hee. See below and you will not be able to tell which is done by me, my mother or my girl. (ya so my girl is the smartest lah :->)

The designs are not very clear. Not sure if it is due to the insufficient mooncake to fill up the mould (but the mooncake did come to the brim) or the mould is not good (LOL) but I am satisfied that they look pretty decent. We did not try any fancy favour as it is the first time after all. Not too difficult to wrap in my opinion. It is after some read up that there are certain ratio to follow for certain weight of the mooncake. This time it is 20g skin with 28g filling. I must go research more and perhaps try our HHB's strawberry flavour (using strawberry milk).

Below is the cross section of one that I made. I like that the skin thickness is balance all round. Not sure if that is the only one out of the four thou. I don't think I will be able to submit this post to AB challenge since I do not have any recipe. The skin is from premix powder that has shortening packaged together and my mother has threw away the packaging before I can see the amount of ingredients. I hope I can try again soon.

Snowskin mooncake with black sesame filling

Before I go off, I have to use this post to show the plant that fell from the "sky". I need to ask experts how to take care of the plant as I am hopping to adopt it. The rest of my plants died cos I gave them overdose of fertiliser. :-(

I hope I can complete the other post sometime soon, very soon.


Happy Homebaker said...

What a gift from the sky ;)
Your mooncake looks good! Will be making me tonight :)

sherlyn said...

Yes, it is, after all my indoor plants died. However, thou I had the name of the plant already (through the forum that I so deperately need to show the photos to), I am still not very sure how well it will survive the fall.

Thanks, the mooncake is ok, but only me and my girl is eating cos boy is not a fan and hubby is too busy working. *sigh* I have to clear this batch before I can try new batch.

I can't wait to see yours. I told my mother I want to try your strawberry milk one. White skin is too boring.

Happy Homebaker said...

for the strawberry version, u need to add a tiny bit of red colouring. I made coffee and green tea flavours this time. will try to post it up asap :)

sherlyn said...

hmm ... cannot skip colouring ah ? I cannot buy colouring lah .. so seldom use .... anyway I think I try chocolate then, cos found a recipe in a library book that my mother borrowed.

Blessed Homemaker said...

You are so positive. For me, I think I'll stomp up to my neighbour's house :P

sherlyn said...

Blessed Homemaker, I wished I could. Firstly, I dare not (Oops), secondly I really don't know who it is from... Haiz.

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