Friday, April 4, 2008


After the mickey biscuit failure .. I tried again. This time with
cutters from Daiso. I use the recipe from Happy Homebaking .
(thanks HHB, what would I do without you.)

I had no time to finish the dough, so i did it in two batches (not
sure if the dough can keep or not, but I don't smell anything
funny today).

Now I got these.

Todays attempt


Cookies not cut cleanly. Cookies not evenly coloured ( I shall
blame the oven). Not perfect, but better then the previous
attempt. At least I do not see sugar crystal. Luckily I heed the 
advice from HHB of rolling them out on baking paper
( however I did not sandwiched the dough).
Yup, the dough did not stick to baking paper.

One sad thing though, the cookies are not going out fast like
HHB's (infact they are only eaten by me so far!).
My kids still prefer oreo cookies! But my boy said
he'll bring some as snacks to school tomorrow and will not
share with his classmates. hehehe.

Anyway, baking is my hobby so I shall not complain. Its fun
making these biscuits. Anybody out there want to have a bite?

结果 (见图). 不完美,颜色不一, 但至少不象上次那样看到糖粒。
听取了HHB 的建议,饼团才没粘桌,盖模后又易拿出来。这


densar said...

Nice try!

Yes, you can keep the dough in the fridge. That's what I did too. :)

I think my oven has the problem, ie, uneven temperature. So I have to turn the baking tray half way through baking. Cannot trust the timer, haha...

densar said...

Btw, cute cutters! Now, you're tempting me to go Daiso shopping..

sherlyn said...

I do turn the tray half way too, but sometimes lazy leh hehe.

Ya cute cutters, in white plastic, 3 in a set, car, ship and plane. Got another set is on animal. H into cars too? Or are u saving up for no2 baby boy?

bACk in GERMANY said...

Me... me, I want cookies!!! ;)

Cute cookie cutters!

I will share my 101 cookie cutters with you when I'm back! Got this huge box last year during an auction.

sherlyn said...

wao .. do you mean you hv 101 cutters? Bet there are alot of lovely designs in them .. sure welcome the loan (ok, then I make some for you hehe)

densar said...

Hey, who says girls cannot like car, planes and ship?

sherlyn said...

hehe .. so did u get the cutters? Pris is looking for them too.

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