Thursday, April 17, 2008

Delicious mango cake

I have emailed the owner for her/his permission to put a link
in my blog but has gotten no reply yet. I guess it should be
alright since it can be googled anyway.

Why make this mango cake. Its sunday and I need to find
something to do with the kids to pass time. No biscuits because
I don't want to clean up the mess, so i search for simple recipes.

I have to decide between banana and mango (my good friend
gave me 3 big sweet juicy ones). After some googling, I came
out with 2, but did not have the complete ingredients for
banana cake so I did the mango cake.

Its low fat and has easy steps.

Its a little too sweet for my liking, and I did not even fill up
the 3/4 cup of sugar. But guess what, the cake is all gone by
monday. I bring two pieces for my friends to try when I meet
them that afternoon. One of them like it very much and asked
me for the recipe. Funny thing is, I cant detect any mango
frangrant smell. Did I dice the mango too small? Must I use an
unripe mango?

Here's the cake.

找了两个很容易做的蛋糕食谱, 打算和两个孩子消磨星期日
的早上。因其中一个的材料不齐全, 所以就只能做芒果蛋糕


Small Small Baker said...

Oh, I love mango. But I've never tried a mango cake before. Feel like buying mangoes and try it straightaway. :)

sherlyn said...


I also have not tried such kind of mango cakes before. A pity the mango frangrance is not there after baking. If you do try it, tell me how you like it :-).

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