Sunday, August 16, 2009

My first - baked potato chips

I think this is my first and should be my last try of baking potato chips. Either Woman's weekly or Simply Her has a short note on how to bake our own potato chips. Since I have russet potato at home and did not want to make soup with it, I use it to try baking my own chips. Actually I tried two times.

The first time, I painstakingly slice the potato as thin as I can. Then I dry them with kitchen towel, every single piece, then toss them in olive oil and salt, then I lay them on foiled paper baking pan, then into the oven. I do not have a oven thermometer now, so I just turn the knob happily. I watch the potato slices patiently (got all the time since I am not cooking). I see them shrink into small pieces, then it started to turn brown. I feel that they are not crispy yet, so I "oven" them a little more, and wanting to hasten up, so I thought grilling might be faster! So after the grill mode for less than 2 minutes, the chips all turn chocolate brown (instead of golden brown). I still took a piece to taste. No bitter taste thou, proves that it is not completely burnt yet, so I happily finished all the chips) and that small little amount (sorry no pictures) came from one potato only.

The kids are not happy that I did not deliver the potato chips, so they wanted me to make another time. So this time, I sliced it thicker, ard 2mm each slice. I wanted to try what would happen if the slices are not dried (I thought dried slices would result in crispy chips, hmm actually lazy to dry them piece by piece too) , so I just drain dry and toss with olive oil and salt. I also happily turn the oven temperature knob and keep watch carefully. The chips finally turn brownish (at some parts only) after more than 30 minutes. About half of them are still too burnt for the kids to eat, so those went into my tummy. The rest, I split them into half, sprinkle on some Mcdonald's seaweed shaker powder and the kids gobble up in no time (all thanks to the powder I think).

The chips are still not as crispy as those sold outside, perhaps only deep frying will result in that? But I m not going to do that, cos I don't want to clean an oily kitchen. The kids said they love it and ask for more. Anyway, it is really hardwork (cos I am a lazy mum) to produce that little amount of chips (The potato slices really shrink well!), and the time taken to wait for the slices to turn into the chips is a little too much.

Now that I see the amount of chips produced from one potato, I can't imagine how many potato I have eaten whenever I finish a big bag.

Here are how my baked potato chips looked like.

The two different "classes"
The better looking ones closed up


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