Monday, February 8, 2010


If you can remember, I bought a KitchenAid some months back. That big investment came with two free workshops where I can further understand how to better (or fully) make use of the machine. I purposely selected one workshop on bread. I did not have my camera (cos spoilt) but is not intelligent to use my HP that day. *hiaz*

The teacher is sam, who is not a baker/chef but a food technologist baker. You can know more about him at his blog He showed us how to make curry buns with non time dough method and olive pesto loaft bread using the sponge dough method.
I got a better understanding on bread making plus some tips. He is open to any questions even though is not related to the breadmaking workshop. So I take this chance to clarify with him if it is alright to interchange ml and grams when we measure liquids like milk and oil. He says it is fine, going on to briefly explain why (using the mass volume density equation). I also asked him if it is alright to replace milk with skim milk. I guess I have asked redundant question, because to a technologist, everything counts, but he said, I am working with too little amount of ingredients so those differences are negligible. To him, replacing butter with oil also need to make adjustment because butter contains a certain amount of water.

A pity I have to leave early without seeing the end result of the olive loaf. Anyway, its very fun to attend these workshops ... and I think anyone can attend if they are willing to pay $10. If anyone is interested, perhaps can check with Mayer.

I hope I will put the stuff I learn that day to good use, and soon. If not, how would I be able to practice?

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