Thursday, February 4, 2010


No No. I did not make any of that (refering to the title). This post is mainly for me to talk to or update my friends who visit my blog.

I have been busy with my own house improvement (painting works) and lately helping out with my mother's new house renovation stuff as well as spring cleaning (ya so far just talk and not much done).

In the middle of all these, I still read papers and I come across an offer on something that I have been looking for quite a long time.

Ta da !
This little set of drawers now housed about 2/3 my possessions of beads and beading stuff.
(photo is blurred cos it is taken with my spoilt camera. Got spoilt on that very day!) Wished I had got another one but afraid of splurging too much on this hobby that I cannot go full swing into (actually no time to go into any hobby full swing leh).

Then just a few days ago, I came across this post where the mouth watering cake is baked in a ramekin found in Daiso (I asked the author), and ramekin is something that I have been wanting to get my hands on (thou not sure for what yet). I think it is not easy to get a $2 ramekin, so I got permission from the "finance manager" and went to purchase 4. Now I am a proud owner of these beautiful ramekins.

Besides busy shopping (keke), I attended a Bento making workshop on 30th Jan. Thanks to Angelia and June, I have the chance to enjoy some me time and most important, it is an event on something I like. I do not make bento before this workshop, but I do sometimes cut bread into shapes using my cookie cutters to prepare the kids' snack boxes to school.

At the workshop, I am totally lost at the part where we are suppose to make 2 bentos. I am not creative at all, so all I can do is to copy the simplest idea from the various pictures posted on the wall of the room.

This is the bento that I have made that day. Thanks to June for taking the pictures for me.

Our teacher for the workshop is Angie, and this is her blog where you will be able to read more details on the event. I am also happy to meet Leonny in person (otherwise only read about her in her blog).

I am really happy to have attended this event and also with the goodies that I got in that goodie bag. Thank you to Angelia and June again. Will I make bento from now on? Yes, will try, after all this is also my interest, just that hubby say I can't be having too many hobbies with the limited time I have. Anyway I think Teacher Angie says that Bento is about arranging food nicely into the boxes and I do try to create nice looking food and arrange my food, but onto plate .. so I think not difficult to try bento making on the plate. :-)

Anyway, this is the first try, meal in the box ... girl got to take her lunch at my mother's new place as I am supposed to help with supervising a job in her house.

It is salmon with Furikake. Initally only the rice and smiley potato, but not happy with serving the not so healthy ready made vege, I quickly prepare some broccoli and carrots to go with it.

Ya, I said I am busy, but my friend tried making her own kaya and said it takes her 10 minutes only. With ready ingredients in the fridge, and the "10 minutes only" temptation, I made kaya too, but I think I did not pass.

I started with low fire, trying to heat up the coconut milk, mixed some into the beaten eggs, before I empty everythingg bit by bit inside. However, I took around 30 minutes and it still doesn't look and taste like kaya. The mixture just won't thicken itself even with an extra egg I added. I double checked with my friend and decided that I will try again with the exact ingredients she used. That will be after CNY. Thanks June for the recipe and advices. Here's how my kaya look.

Too long a post, too tired ... no chinese translation for this post this time .....zzzzz


noobcook said...

congrats, you bought the ramekins! :) I'm thinking of getting a few more, hope to storm the Daiso at rivervale mall soon hehe

sherlyn said...

Yes, I am so happy. I bought 4 and my dh asked me do I really need them hahaha, so I think I will not be able to buy more. Thanks once again.

June said...

The ramekins are so cute. too bad I have glass ones already :P

Your kaya looks too liquid. Maybe because you used coconut milk instead of cream. My mistake when I typed the recipe out for you.

sherlyn said...

Yes June. They are really pretty .... I guess you can get more , but glass ones are equally nice. Where did you get your glass ones? Sorry just curious.

Its ok .. I got the cream version and hopefully can try the 2nd round soon.

Blessed Homemaker said...

I couldn't find the ramekins suitable for oven use in IMM Daiso :( Have been searching for it for months but still no luck.

sherlyn said...

Blessed Homemaker, the ramekins are placed on the left side once u enter the Daiso entrance. On the left, there are also plates, bowls, cups etc on display. I found mine there. Perhaps it has been quite sometime and their stocks run low .. maybe u get a picture of the ramekins and ask them if they are gog to replenish the stocks?

Blessed Homemaker said...

I saw some ramekins there but they are not suitable for oven, only ok for microwave. Thanks anyway.

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