Thursday, March 31, 2011

Changes to my hobby blog

Dear friends,

I have made some changes in the settings of my blog. I have added the option of moderating comments and also word verification. I am sorry to cause inconvenience to you when leaving comments but I have to do it to safe guard myself and you too.

Recently I have received comments in two of my beading post. The comments look very real, with relevance to my post contents too, but when I clicked on the page of that user, I was brought to a website not so suitable for children. My hubby told me that these are ways people advertise their website, or help create awareness or could be virus being loaded into the PC when the link being clicked on. I am fine with people advertising cos it is a way I get to know the world beyond my home, but virus? no way. Since everyone can click on the links, I would prefer to put a stop to those "bots" that could be putting in comments.

My hubby also mentioned that, the person could be a genuine reader but her/his PC is infected with virus that changes links after she posted. So on the safe side - I hope you all can understand and will understand.

Cheers and have a good weekend ahead.


Anncoo said...

Sherlyn, I totally agree with your hubby. It is better to put comments under moderation and not let anyone leaving some unwanted comments without your approval and remember to have your password that not easily formed.
Someone hacked into my blog recently and I'm really upset about it :((

sherlyn said...


Thanks for supporting my decision.

Oh, your blog has been hacked? I hope there is no serious loss of data. I am sure it is frustrating to recover it.

I do not back up mine too .. tried but failed after a while... but as my blog is not popular, I think I likely will not become a target. But better safe than sorry .. so I hope I can backup my blog soon.

ooo so sleepy .. good night.

Anncoo said...

Yes Sherlyn, my gmail account is not working properly and some of my blog photos in 2009 are missing.
So better back your photos too.

sherlyn said...

oh dear ... sounds like alot of work when doing recovery. Ya, will try to find a time to do it :) Thanks for letting me know.

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