Saturday, March 26, 2011

Trying to follow HHB's baking trail - Mixed Berries Muffins

I said I will join HHB in her baking trail.. and it has been a long long while then I started ... her Mixed Berries Muffins. She explained that the usual muffin method uses less fat, so this creaming method uses more fat .. oh dear ... but it is a new thing to me, mixing berries .. so I wanna try.

Even though it is such a simple thing, I took a long long time to get it done. I can only blame it on the fact that I do not bake often. So I have to do alot of washing, before and after .. and putting them into the muffin cups proves a bit of a job . The batter I ended up having is rather thick even though my batter curdles alot in between (because I have pour in two eggs by mistake). My kids love the muffins especially my boy because blueberry is his favourite.

I did not get a high muffin because I have forgotten how high should I fill my muffin cup, I am worry about them overflowing so I just fill 3/4 full and in process of baking, the batter became half full only and rise to 3/4 full not nicely to the top. Next time if I am to bake again, I will fill the cup higher.

Here is sharing the nice blue and red tinted muffins.

Please refer to the recipe from Happy Home baking's blog. Perhaps you would like to join her in her baking trail too?


Happy Homebaker said...

I fill the cups to 3/4 full, and mine was slightly above the rim when baked. Take your own time to explore...bake at your own pace. Don't forget, it is a hobby, and we shouldn't be too hard on ourselves...we are not aspiring to be professional bakers, right?

sherlyn said...

Funny how our 3/4 full turn out differently .. is it cos my batter is thicker? It is so thick that what I scoop in just sits there as it is so actually there are alot of spaces unfilled, thus when the batter "melts" under heat, it is only half full? Or was it that I did not introduce enough air ?

Ya it is a hobby, no no no - not going to professional .. but i wish I had all the time for it keke. Best is no need to do housework and just bake and bake and bake.

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