Thursday, November 8, 2007

Mother of Pearl motif ring

Suppose to go holland village to get some beads but hubby need
to work from home, so I had to change my plan. As the dinner
is planned to be an easy item, more so with my mother helping
to prepare and cook,so when the kids nap, I tried to make a ring
which I fancy using whatever beads i have in stock.

Used a cat eye bead instead of a pearl. The outcome is not as
pretty as what is shown in the book. Maybe the beads just do not
match. Anyway, I think I would prefer the ring (not the motif)
to be made of wire instead of the seed beads.

Here are the pictures.

 Please pardon the old lady hand.


June said...

use wire to make the ring part? I like it when it's shiny. :)

sherlyn said...

Thanks bbhome for dropping by. Your shiny means these seed beads or changing to shiny wire? I also like shiny, but I like shiny metal, silver accessories more. hehe.

June said...

the top of your ring is already shiny so I meant to use shiny wire too.

sherlyn said...

Thanks for the clarification. Its a pity I do not hv any idea how to convert the seedbeads to wire yet.

moshimoshi said...

looks pretty to me!

sherlyn said...

Thanks Moshi. Its from a japanese book ... looks like you r really into Jap things. :)

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