Tuesday, February 24, 2009

When can I restart my baking

Its a long while .. since the CNY .. so many goodies to finish and just me to do it (oops) .. then now my kids are sick .. looks like it gonna be another week before I can start baking. I have yet to try out the CNY peanut cookie .. ingredients bought before CNY .. cant imagine I have another round of CNY goodies to finish.


Happy Homebaker said...

Like you, I still have half a pack of pineapple fillings and a pack of tapiocal flour which I have intended to try out Kueh Bangkit again ;p

sherlyn said...

hmm .. ok then when u baked them, send them to me keke .. i want to eat .. cos pineapple tarts and kueh bangkit are two of my favourites. Infact, i have 2 packs of store bought kueh bangkit now at home.

Esther said...

Same here :-) But do it slowly, don't push yourself too hard. Take your time. Furthermore, now is exam/test time, children need coaching. Baking can put aside first. U agree with me Sherlyn?

sherlyn said...

My kids not in Primary school yet, so no exams, so I am not aware of the exam periods. So fast? Not mid year yet wor.

Ya baking (which is only my hobby) definitely must come after family and children.

Infact, my dh bday just over, and I did not get to bake any cake for him cos we went back to the inlaws in malaysia. Furthermore, mil bought us alot of food so got to finish the cake, a bottle of CNY goodies before I can even think about baking. My cheese is expiring in April! oh gosh. :-)

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