Thursday, October 16, 2008

A report on 2 past "projects"

Wao, its almost a month that I have not been baking. No doubt
I hope to start baking frequently soon, but I have other jobs
at hand at the moment, plus a lousy mood these few weeks.

I have previously baked the "Mash potato cheese muffin"
featured in small small baker's blog. Not very successful
(like not well cooked and cheese is burnt!) , so I will not talk
about it here till I get it done well enough. But this muffin is
really very tasty, even my kids asked me to bake again. I
guess they love the cheese taste.

Then I tried my hands on self made ice cream (which is my
favourite food). I made toblerrone ice cream using the recipe
from small small baker too. It really taste so yummy and rich.
I find that it has the texture of italian gelato that I have eaten
in italy during my honeymoon many years ago. My mum thinks
it really taste like ice cream, but my hubby said it did not make
him want to eat more when he finish a small portion (even
thou he said it is tasty). Anyway, I am happy I can make ice
cream. Here's mine.

前还是在晚上烘了small small baker 介绍的mash potato
cheese muffin。但是成品不理想,所以不提了。
然后我跟着small small baker 的冰淇淋食谱自制冰淇淋想讨

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