Saturday, August 21, 2010

Sliced cheese cheesecake

I am very happy to be able to fulfil my wish of trying out this recipe from Blessed Homemaker. It is a baked cheesecake recipe using NOT philly cheese but sliced cheese. I am sure parents with kids will always have sliced cheese in their fridge.

I read about her try on this recipe for a few times, even the comments, and finally 鼓起勇氣, have it done last friday afternoon when the boy is not having school (due to PSLE oral). Blessed Homemaker doesn't have problem in getting the cheesecake done in a short time, but I almost took an hour, from measuring all the ingredient to putting the final product into oven, that includes whisking the 4 egg whites with my hand whisk. *sigh* really regret not using the mixer... 4 egg whites! So tiring, but I manage to have medium hard peaks (but egg whites did not fall when I turn mixer bowl upside down) after like 10 - 15 minutes with lots of short rest in between. My arm ache for 3 days after that, and I even have problem brushing my teeth. (goes to show how much exercise I lack)

I have to note, when sifting the flour inside the egg, milk, cheese, butter mixture, I can see specks of flour floating around, so I do worry about getting balls of flour in the end product, but luckily, no, no trace of flour. :-)

Blessed Homemaker advise me to lengthen the baking time since I am using a 8 inch pan. As I see dark patches forming, I did not follow the recipe's 20 minutes 170 degree Celsius. I only bake 15 minutes and turn it down to 140 degree Celsius and further bake the standard 40 + my extra 15 minutes.

The cake rose beautifully in the oven after 30 minutes. See this.

Finally, I off the oven and wait for it to cool inside ... and also to see it shrinking from the sides, sinking as well and ended up like this.

So sad ... I am already expecting Kueh, not cheesecake, but after I cut, hmm still look reasonable ok, and very tasty. As expected, the cake has a dense layer at the bottom (caused by the sinking) and that layer taste saltish, but my kids say it is still tasty. My hubby even volunteer to share the last piece with me cos he feels that it is tasty. The cake is all eaten up on the 2nd day. I think I have to try again, using the KA to beat the whites. However, I still feel that my skill of folding the whites into the batter needs lots of practicing. But I like the idea of using balloon whisk to fold in the whites. Let's hope I get the time to try again.

Sharing with you how the "cheesecake kueh" looks like.

Do not be deceived, the cake is still very soft.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Easy Peasy Scones

I am complaining in FB about having excess Bulla Pure Cream and don't know what to do with it. My friend then share with me her friend's recipe on scones which helps me use up the cream, today where it is suppose to be expiring. Thank you to Cindy, and her friend. And thanks to FB too.

It is only mixing up of 3 ingredients and off to the oven, and 15 minutes later (I use 20 minutes just to be sure), I got the crusty exterior, soft interior scones. I did not roll out and cut using moulds. I just take a lump randomly, roll it up then flatten it and down it goes to the baking tray. How lazy.

I have heard of scones, but not sure of the taste nor the look (forgetten even thou I read about scones in other blogs). So after baking I asked my friend to verify the result. She said looks ok but a little flat. Silly me, thinking that it will cook easier if it is flatter, so I purposely flatten them.

My girl ate some when they are just out of the oven, and she sings praises. My boy ate it 4 hours later when he came back from school, and said that he like it but then he also does not like it. My hubby said tasteless, while I said they are very salty. I think the "saltiness" is actually the taste similar to some yellow noodles. Perhaps I should say the 澗水 taste?

Here are how they look like ..

the dough
waiting to be baked

Fresh out from oven
The crusty inside and soft outside

very tired now ... cut cut cut ..

Thursday, August 12, 2010

3 Flavours from one mix - nutella cupcake (try 2)

I want to bake something for the kids to bring to school again. I want something small, mini and easy to pack, so I decided on the nutella cupcakes since I have done it in the mini paper cases before.

Actually I really hope for a bigger oven... I have to wait and wait for the batches of cupcakes to be done. 12 mini one is not enough .. you see, I also do taste test .. so I hv to eat one on the first day, one on the 2nd day to make sure it is still safe for consumption, and more if the cakes stay more than a day or two, and my girl usually eats 3-4 at a go if the cupcakes are nice!

With this batter, I am able to make 3 batches, almost .. total of 35 of them. Rachel Allen said that once the baking powder is added, I should be quick, but no choice, my oven can only bake a tray of 12 at a go.

I am one who like to have a variety, so this time, I decide to play around with the stuff I have at home. I made a batch of original nutella flavour, a batch of kaya flavour and the last batch, I just leave it "vanilla" with chocolate rice topping.

Here are the 3 different babies.

The mix is made using the nutella cupcake recipe which I have used previously, but would like to retype it here for the sake of "filing". The original recipe can be found here.


140gm butter, softened
100g white sugar
3 eggs
1/2 tsp vanilla
200gm sifted plain flour
1/4 tsp salt
2 tsp baking powder
Nutella, approx 1/3 cup


1. Preheat oven to 180°C. Line paper liners into muffin tray.
2. Cream butter and sugar until light.
3. Add in eggs one at a time, until fully incorporated. Add vanilla.
4. Stir in flour, salt and baking powder until batter is uniform and no traces of flour.
5. Fill liners till 3/4 full. Top each batter with nutella and swirl it around with toothpick, making sure to fold a bit of batter up over the nutella.
6. Bake for 20 minutes. Remove to cool on wire rack.

This time, I am using brown sugar, and I remembered brown sugar is sweeter than normal sugar, so I reduce the sugar by half! Not sure if this is the reason, but my butter sugar mix did not incorporate with my eggs even I cream for a long long time. The ending mixture after adding 3 eggs one at a time still looks like this :-

Perhaps I mess up the sugar and butter ratio .. I guess I can only bake one more time with 100g brown sugar to try if I get this again. Luckily, after I add in sifted flour, it came together and I manage to bake the cupcakes. This time I hid most of the kaya inside the batter because I am worried of it burning if I swirl it on top. Now I think it is fine to have the kaya exposed on top.

Can't wait to try again. Now I just want to try to sleep away the four pimples in a row at the side of my left cheek.

My First Award (two at a go)

I do not know much about traditions of awards .. but I do see awards being given to blogs that I read closely and I usually do not get those. Today, finally I can say, I got awards! hehe. Thank you Esther for passing on these lovely awards to me. Have been so busy recently since hubby is away more often than last time.

So following what Esther says - must copy and paste awards on blog - done (as below).

Then I must list 10 things about myself, who is interested anyway but tradition ... (1) I am a SAHM , (2) I have two kids, (3) They are a boy and a girl, (4) I stay in the West, (5) I love to bake, (6) I love to eat, (7) I love to bead but do not like to wear, (8) I love to read blogs (otherwise I do not have friends), (9) I love to stay up late and (10) I loves HK drama.

Then I must list 10 things that make me happy ..but I have more than 10! ok , (1) I have unlimited time, (2) unlimited money, and with these two, I can do alot of others that make me really happy ...hiak hiak hiak ..

Thanks again Esther, and sorry for responding so late.

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