Thursday, April 16, 2009

No cakes and biscuits, more bread?

*sigh* .. my mixer died on the day I used it to bake a cake for my boy. I am creaming the cream cheese and sugar when I see black specks on the cheese, so I stopped the mixer immediately. While trying to place the mixer on the table, a ball bearing dropped out. I straight away declared the mixer beyond repair. 

However, this cake I am making is for my boy's birthday .. so with the kid's expectation and to prevent disappointment ..  I made the cake using hand power. He asked for cheese and chocolate, so due to busy schedule, I did not want to try something new thus I use the tried and tested recipe. As this is a birthday cake, I am happy that I can finally use up my whipping cream to make chocolate ganache so that my boy can decorate his own cake as he has requested. I just melt the couverture chocolate buttons (finally got rid of this pack too) in the whipping cream and milk mixture over small fire and then when cooled, pour over the cake. 

Here's the output (sorry for the uneven terrain on the cake). The boy decorated his cake with the only easy ingredient available - m&m minis.

 Sorry for the untidiness.

Now that the mixer is gone for good ... should I start utilising the bread maker instead?  

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