Friday, October 2, 2009

Busy with beading

The kids had chicken pox, then I had chicken pox, and I am told to avoid food like egg, chicken, peas etc for minimum of a month.. so without eggs, I did not bake, just too lazy to find non egg recipes. So I spent some time on my other hobby, beading.

I feel that the previous earring that I made is not dainty enough due to the big loops, so I cut them up and made another pair.
Pearly Black Drops

Besides this, I keep bumping into ladies wearing earrings with a single pearl... that reminds me of the peach fruit, so I made a pair with my pearls and I added a green crystal to each pearl to symbolise the leaf. I do not know how to comment on this pair, but I think just a simple pearl, but bigger would be very nice. Simple is always nice.

Fresh Peaches

Besides doing something for myself, while reading the princess magazine with my girl, I have got an inspiration from a necklace clipart and made this bracelet for her. She is so happy and this is her new favourite.

Sweet Ivory

I hope I will find a time to get some supplies .. I wanted to make another necklace for myself.

Oh .. I miss eating cakes.

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