Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Chocolate Hazelnut Bread minus the hazelnut

I made chocolate hazelnut bread (minus the hazelnut) again. I thought my yeast and bread flour are expiring, that is why. I did not add in hazelnut this time because my hubby doesn't like the bits. This time I remember to put in the melted butter as a liquid ingredient. The outcome :-

The top is still not smooth. Should I open the breadmaker to smooth out the top before it starts baking?

This is a peek into its "cross section". When it is warm, fresh out from the breadmaker, it really taste so heavenly. After that .. hehe still tasty lah. However I find the bread dense. Oh I made a mistake of putting in the egg unbeaten. Wonder what difference did it made. Will not be able to find out unless I bake another one.

I hope I will bake (anything) again soon.

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